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Solar System Types - Solar Installation in California

Solar System Types – Solar Installation in California & Bakersfield

There are various solar system types available in Bakersfield, California, and it is very important to understand each one; so you can get the benefits of the right solar installation in California, Bakersfield.

The three types are Grid-tied System, Grid-tied with battery backup and Off-grid.

Grid-Tied Solar Power System

A grid-tied (on-grid) solar power setup is a system that connects to an electrical power grid. This type of
system first satisfies all your power needs before delivering the excess power to the electrical grid. When the solar system cannot satisfy your power demands, especially at night or on days without sunlight, you can draw power from the grid. It is the least expensive system of generating energy since no battery backup is required. The excess energy produced is directly sent to the power grid utility company. In this case, the electrical grid acts as the battery backup for your system. The amount of power fed to the electrical grid slows the rate at which the electric meter measures the power usage. It causes the meter to spin backward. In other words, if the meter
spins backward, its an indication that solar power is being fed into the grid. This type is the most preferred as it’s the least expensive and least complicated solar setup.

Grid Tied PV System Bakersfield
Grid Tied Photovoltaic(PV) System Bakersfield

Grid-Tied Solar Power System with Battery Backup (Hybrid Solar System)

This is another grid-connected solar system that has battery backup within its design. This photovoltaic solar system works closely with a local electricity grid company to supply you with power if the battery runs out of power. You can also sell surplus electricity to the utility company. The battery meets short-term demands during nights or days with bad weather without having to draw power from the grid at an extra charge. Adding batteries into your grid-tied solar system requires more components, which results in an increase in the installation cost while reducing the efficiency of the system. The energy generated by panels passes through the hybrid inverter, which can decide whether to convert it to usable AC electricity for household use and/or direct it to the grid, or to store it in the battery backup. In other words, the hybrid inverter is a smart, two-in-one device: a solar inverter and a battery charger/inverter.  The main advantage of having a hybrid system is that you will always have electricity even at night, on cloudy days, or when there are blackouts. If you use up all the power in the battery and your panels cannot generate more power, you can draw power from the electricity grid to meet your power demands.

The advantages of a hybrid system are continuous power supply 24/7, long term cost savings. The disadvantage is the higher upfront cost.

Off-grid system

Off-grid solar systems allow you to be energy-independent by generating your own power from the sun.
You will not rely on the electrical grid to supplement your energy needs. An efficient solar power system, coupled with an excellent battery storage system, is required to be installed in your home. An off-grid PV system allows you to have complete control of your energy production at the site of power consumption.

Installing a standalone system requires more installation space and higher upfront costs. Over recent years, PV equipment has become more efficient and cost-effective. So, not only do you power your home, but you can also install it in your RVs and cabins. Unlike the other types of solar power systems, the off-grid system doesn’t connect to other external sources of power, so utilizing a power generator might be extremely beneficial for cold, cloudy winter days. An off-grid solar system has components that allow you to generate power,
store it, and supply it onsite.

Off-Grid Photovoltaic(PV) System Bakersfield
Off-Grid Photovoltaic(PV) System Bakersfield


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