Bakersfield Premier Solar

Solar Companies in Bakersfield, CA

Solar Companies in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield Premier Solar are among the Best Solar Companies in Bakersfield, CA. We are among the select few Bakersfield Solar Companies that are comprehensive Solar Installers in Bakersfield, CA, and cover the entire gamut of solar services including service, maintenance, performance monitoring, replacement, and cleaning services for Photovoltaic(PV) Solar Power Systems.

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Solar Companies in Bakersfield, Kern County - Best Solar Installers in Bakersfield, CA

Welcome to Bakersfield Premier Solar!! We are a leader in Solar Electricity Systems in Bakersfield and in the larger Kern county area.

Do an Assessment

We evaluate your power requirements, potential changes and long-term goals.

Discuss Options

We discuss all options available to you.

Decide and Move Ahead

We present you with the most appropriate choices so you can choose the best one that suits your energy needs, and budget and offers you the best ROI.

Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System Bakersfield

High-Quality Materials and Expert Professional Services

We have experience working with reputed brands of solar panels and batteries.

Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System Bakersfield

Tailor-made Solutions For Every Customer

Our solar solutions are tailored for each customer and not just for their buildings. We don't provide cookie-cutter solutions.

Bakersfield Solar Panel Installation Roof Mounted

360 Degree Services

We cover the entire gamut of sun power generation systems for homes and residential properties - evaluation, pre-installation, installation, periodic cleaning, repair services and maintenance, removal, and reinstallation.

Bakersfield Solar Companies

Solution Just Right For Your Energy Needs

Our Clients Receive Reliable, Pure Energy.

Our solar specialists help you in choosing the right setup for your home or residential property. We assist you to estimate your cost savings.

There are funding and budget options available for all energy needs. We are Bakersfield's premier solar company. This makes it simple to do all of the work.

The whole procedure is facilitated by our group of professionals who deal with documentation and permits so you can delight in clean, economical solar energy.

Select the Solar Plan That's Best for You

Our group of specialists can customize your solar power system. Our solar panels are covered by a solid guarantee. Solar power systems qualify for Federal Tax Credit and help lower your tax liabilities.

We are priced competitively when you compare us with top solar companies in Bakersfield, Orange County, and across California.

Why Bakersfield Premier Solar?

We create tailored solar solutions for every single client. Bakersfield premier solar can design custom solar systems that minimize your grid energy intake and maximize solar energy output, and return cash to your pocket sooner.

Our team of expert solar professionals will install your solar panels in a matter of days. We'll take you hassle-free through the entire solar setup procedure.

Our consumers see considerable savings over the next 25-years for solar photovoltaic systems. Solar can be purchased in Bakersfield and Fresno as well as the Central Coast, such as Paso Robles and Atascadero.

Besides new installation, our services also include photovoltaic panel repairs, maintenance, and cleaning in Bakersfield, Kern County, and all surrounding locations. It's easy to go solar with Bakersfield Premier Solar. 

Our Services

Bakersfield Residential Solar Panels Installation
Solar Panel Installers Bakersfield, CA

Residential Solar Panels Installation

Property owners that have bought solar energy systems from Bakersfield Premier Solar have the ability to enjoy the conveniences of a cool house without the skyrocketing yearly electricity rates. The typical yearly energy rate hike in California is 6%. As rates climb, your cost savings become higher since you're locked into a fixed kWh rate.

There are many solar energy system types, and there are numerous variables that can impact how much money you can save by utilizing solar energy for your home, but here's a concept of the monetary benefits:

Financial Benefits:

26% Federal Tax Credit - through 2022.

Adds value to your home.

Appealing ROI.

Minimize power bills for the next 25+ years.

Enjoy your cost savings on things that matter.

Home Solar Panels Repairs and Service

Solar energy Panels require occasional maintenance or repairs. We are the specialists for the job.

Our repair and upkeep service concentrates on guaranteeing that your systems are working at their optimum capacity. We utilize professional equipment and strategies in order to check your panels and detect any issues that you may be having. Once we detect the concern, we will perform the needed repairs. We will perform the required repairs as soon as we diagnose a problem. Our specialists have the expertise to identify and repair your issues.

If you require any solar repair or maintenance services in Bakersfield, CA, or in the larger Kern County area, simply contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Solar Panel Installers Bakersfield, CA

Solar Panels Removal, Reinstall & Replacement

Evaluation and on-site study of all special needs and obstacles in the system, consisting of positioning, energy generation, system damage, or placement of photovoltaic panels issues.

Evaluate the condition of your solar panels and roof installing hardware. Also, consider the impact that solar power panel placement might have on your roofing.

Diagnose any damage or issues brought on by the roof, solar panel hardware, or photovoltaic panel system.

The scope of work needed consists of installation, replacement, and/or repair work services. The most affordable and most safe technique to remove, reset, and re-roof any damaged or broken system components.

Bakersfield Solar Panel Cleaning

Home Solar Panel Cleaning

To keep your solar energy system functioning at its peak, you need to preserve it well.

Filthy photovoltaic panels might reduce your energy production by as much as 20%. That's bad. Washing solar panels is the very best way to guarantee it runs at peak performance year-round!

With Bakersfield Premier Solar's photovoltaic panel cleaning services, you can rest ensured that you get the best solar cleaning professional expertise and innovative technology to complete it the right way.

How does a Photoelectric Power System Work?

 Solar energy systems create electrical energy using photovoltaic cells to transform sunlight into Direct Current (DC). Photons(light particles) in the sun's rays hit the installed photovoltaic(solar) panels which are then taken in by semiconducting materials in the solar panels such as silicon. The electrons that are then discharged from these semiconducting materials produce electrical energy. Because of the setup of these solar batteries, the electrical energy produced flows in a certain direction. A series of microinverters is configured with the photovoltaic(PV) system which then transforms the Direct Current(DC) into Alternating Current (AC) so the electricity can be used for residential and business purposes. 

Bakersfield Premier Solar is Committed to Providing You with Tailored Solutions To Cater To Your Specific Energy Requirements.                     

We also serve areas within a 25-mile radius of Bakersfield.

Very professional, fair cost and spent the right amount of time explaining options, educating me and installing the right system for my home.
- Albert E.
Outstanding service and quality. Fast & efficient - decent price. I highly recommend Bakersfield Premier Solar!
- Jenny A.
Solar panel removal and reinstallation

Bakersfield Premier SolarBakersfield Premier Solar