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We carry out efficient maintenance services of your PV solar system including solar panel cleaning. We also provide services like repairs, panel removals and reinstallation services in Bakersfield, CA.


Why Maintenance And Repairs?

Solar Power Systems are a big investment for your household and pocket. So, they do require maintenance and those occasional inspections or repairs to ensure that they perform at their optimal efficiency. It's quite reasonable that you may need to get a few repairs done. Bakersfield Premier Solar, CA specializes in home solar panel installations, maintenance, reinstallations, removals, and repairs.

Home Solar Installation in Bakersfield, CA
Solar Panel Maintenance

PV Panels Maintenance in Bakersfield, Kern County

Bakersfield Solar Maintenance services include solar system & PV panel inspections, repairing broken panels, re-roofing after natural calamities, resetting defectively installed PV panels, or full solar panel removal, reinstallation, or replacement.

We start with a phone consultation about your current PV power system and do a comprehensive evaluation of the repair services needed. Our technical experts then provide you with recommendations for the services you might need.

 #An on-site assessment and survey of your system to determine any specific needs - panel positioning, energy generation issues, possible system damage, or PV panel placement concerns.

 #The overall condition and impact of any solar panel placement on your roof and the mounting hardware.

 #Diagnosis and treatment of problems with the roof, hardware, or solar panel system.

 #Determine the scope of work, which includes the replacement or repair of damaged parts.  Then, determine the best and most effective method for removing, resetting, and re-roofing any system pieces that are broken.

 #Investigation of shading from the vicinity to see if buildings, trees, or electric poles are constraining electricity production.

Our professionals have the skills and expertise to troubleshoot issues with all components of a solar system. We fix defective wiring and fuses, meters, power converters, mounts, and switches. In case you notice signs of a malfunction, contact us for a prompt response and service. Our technicians will improve your equipment's efficiency. It's advisable to identify issues and fix them early before they worsen. 

Bakersfield Residential Solar Panels Installation

Solar Power(PV) System Removal and Reinstallation

When you have to move, take your solar panels along with you. Bakersfield Premier Solar's professional installers possess the expertise and skills to perform a wide array of solar panel removal and reinstallation procedures. Our experts can provide services whether you're looking to buy a new home or want to readjust your panels after a natural calamity has occurred.

Our services include:

Disconnection of micro-inverters, utility grid, meters, electric.

Removal of solar panel and mounting hardware and subsequent reinstallation.

Removal of cables and electrical wires.

Coordination with roofing contractors, insurance companies, contractors, architects, and engineers for reinstallation.

Solar panel reinstallation, and re-setting services are provided after roof repairs are completed.

Complete diagnostic tests are run to ensure everything is working after re-installation.


Our staff consists of both experienced and professional technicians with more than a decade of experience in Master Electricians.

This will guarantee that you stay in the very best hands. We are able to offer custom-made solar power systems as well replacement panels for every single home and organization. Photon Brothers doesn't simply concentrate on solar energy systems.

In addition to brand-new installations, our personnel excels in setting up grid-tied batteries storage and EV charging stations. Photovoltaic panel removal and reset are likewise offered.

Contractors for re-roofing and repair work of CO planetary systems, maintenance of solar energy panels, and other services. To discover more about our diverse services, please call us.

If you need a comprehensive solar repair solution, we are available for you. We serve all areas in the Kern County. 

Solar Panel Cleaning Bakersfield

Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Bakersfield

Why should I clean Photovoltaic Panels?

Filth, stains, leaves, and bird excrements are a handful of typical root causes that produce filthy power panels and for that reason make your photovoltaic energy system less efficient. When dirt and debris build up on your panels, your panels might not produce as much power as they would when they're tidy. Where you live and the nature of your surroundings can have an influence on when and how frequently you must have your panels cleaned.

In most cases, cleaning two times a year must be adequate. The rains might probably clean some surface stains from the photovoltaic panels, but if they're heavily soiled, the rains make it even worse. You may just splash them with a hosepipe, however, the very best method to clean is to provide the panels an excellent scrubbing with mineral-free water that gives them a spotless surface.

We utilize demineralized water that's warmed and ionized together with a rotating brush system which is specially designed for deep cleaning solar panels while safeguarding them from unintentional damage.

We provide cleaning services in Bakersfield, Atascadero, Fresno , and in the surrounding counties too. 

If you need the Best Home Solar Panel Installation and Evaluation for your property in Bakersfield or in Kern County, we are available for you.

We serve all areas in the larger Kern County.

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